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Saturday 13:30-16:30
Lock to Unlock
Bandha means to lock, hold or tighten. Bandhas lock prana (vital energy) in a specific area of the body to help lift, support and massage the internal organs. With consistent lifelong practice, they unblock and redirect energy flow into sushumna Nadi, the major energetic chanel along the spine. There are three major bandhas and a fourth which is a combination of the three along the spine; each of the three major locks corresponds with a granthi or an energetic knot or blockage.
In this workshop we will gain knowledge and practice to help us discover the awesome power of the bandhas in a variety of asanas, kriyas and pranayama exercises.


The METHOD: Inversions
Shift your perspective with The Method: Inversions. In this workshop you’ll learn a three-step approach to headstand, forearm stand, and handstand that will transform your fear of going upside down. Inversions don’t create fear — they simply unveil it. The Method is designed to help you lean into that fear by teaching you safe alignment and technique for inversions. With regular practice of the method, you’ll gain deep insight into yourself and find physical and emotional balance, on and off the mat.

Sunday 10:00-13:00
The METHOD: Backbending
This workshop is designed to transform your awareness, understanding, technique and execution of your backbending asanas…and beyond.
Our spine, like a tree of nerves, connects mind to body and transports more energy than we can ever imagine through its center.
In this class, you will be introduced to Talia’s three step Backbending Method which has helped thousands worldwide.
Through crystal clear instruction, you will gain transformative tools to strengthen, lengthen and heal the entire spine while unveiling the stillness and joy of yoga asana.

The METHOD: Flexibility
True physical flexibility is an extension of a flexible state of being: a state of conscious surrender.
In this 3 hour class, you will be introduced to Talia’s three step flexibility method and learn to recognize and maybe even let go of the stubborn identification with resistance.
Using asana as as a portal to inner space, we will unveil our own natural spacious presence one breath at a time.
This state of flexibility is natural and everyone has access to it. The method just gives us a simple, true way to approach this lifetime practice so that physically, mentally, emotionally and beyond we are able to navigate more gracefully through ourselves and the world around us.

Drop in class: 35€
Total workshop: 120€
More info at : 210 8942221

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