Stability, control, concentration, flow of movement, breathing and accuracy in motion are the principles on which the Method is based, to create muscular memory, so that the apprentice can acquire spiritual and physical balance, upright body posture, stamina, strength, elasticity, wider mobility, self-awareness, and body youth (as Pilates used to say “we are as young as out spinal cord”) . This method requires intense body effort, as well as spiritual involvement. As far as results are concerned, as the inventor of the method once said, “after 10 lessons you can feel the difference, after 20 you can see it, and after 30 lessons you have a whole new body.”.

The Pilates method applies to all, as the wide range of exercises is adjusted each and every time to the special needs of the apprentice, according to their age, fitness level and possible health problems present. Every program is unique, and there are various levels of difficulty. All Pilates exercises take place either on exercise machines or without them and are based on 5 basic principles. As far as the exercise machines are concerned, they are not the equipment usually found in gyms. They are supplied with special resistance bands, counterbalancing the body weight and strength of the person training as well as the trainers.