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Saturday, April 6 2019 09:00

Morning high, chanting and pranayama (1 hour).

The mind is the king of the body. The breath is the king of the mind.
-B.K.S. Iyengar

The best way to start the day and to prepare for asana is to go deep
within. Then the physical practice will come from there as well. We will
start the day with deep breathing exercises. These will prepare the mind
for stillness. Then we will move into concentration and meditation, the
highest practices. The workshop will include chanting to stir up enthusiasm
for the asana practice and the day ahead.

Master class (two hours).
This practice will challenge students to dig deep into their determination
and willpower to achieve great results. None of the asanas are rushed.
Students have the opportunity to discover the pose in its full glory and to
go deep into a meditative state. Modifications of poses will be offered for
beginners. All are welcome!

Complete Yoga Nidra Meditation (1 hour).

Relaxation is the best antidote for impurities. Yoga nidra is an active
meditation where the practitioner is led to complete relaxation while in
savasana pose.

It is said that an hour of yoga nidra can be as restorative and refreshing
as a full night’s rest.

Sunday, April 7 2019 10:00

The Great Practice (3 hours).

The workshop will include all the aspects of yoga: kirtan, pranayama,
meditation, and asana poses in an all levels practice that will focus on
inversions, hip openers, and backbends. The practice will make the body
healthy, strong, and flexible and lead students to quiet the mind, build
endurance, and realize their full potential.

Bio: Jerome Burdi is an 800-hour certified Dharma Yoga teacher living in
New York City. He teaches master and all levels classes at the Dharma Yoga
Center and shares the teachings in yoga schools around the world. His
website is

About Dharma Yoga: Dharma Yoga is a classic, graceful, playful, and
strong Hatha-Raja Yoga following the Eight Limb path as taught by yoga
master Sri Dharma Mittra, who has been sharing the teachings in New York
City and around the world for 50 years. Sri Dharma, 79, is well known for
his Master Chart of 908 Asanas.

Participation fee: 50 euros

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