Ashtanga Yoga fundamentals by Sofia Xirotiri

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Saturday 3/2
9:30-12:00 Ashtanga Yoga for beginners:

It doesn’t matter what your age,body type,or fitness ability is..If you are new to Ashtanga Yoga,this is where you want to begin!

Slower Pace
Exploration of the Poses
Primary Series in detail
Correct counting and vinyasa as it is
Enjoy your breath through movement

Sunday 4/2
9:30-12:00 Intro to Intermediate Series:

Familiar with the Primary Series?
Intermediate series of Ashtanga yoga is known as Nadi Shodana,which means nerve cleansing.
It’s gonna be an intro to the series until Dwi Pada Shirsasana !
An amazing combination of backbending,twisting and hip opening poses will be worked intelligently and gradually..
Total workshop:50€

Sofia is an Ashtanga Yoga teacher ,Authorised level 2 by KPJAYI Sharath Jois at 2014.
Her daily practice,the trips in Mysore and the yoga community is her inspiration..
Always be a student 🙏

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