Saturday: morning Mysore
Afternoon workshop

Sunday:morning Mysore
Afternoon workshop

Yoga and Movement Workshop:

In these two workshops Mark will present his ongoing research into how to
integrate the latest developments and innovations of the movement world
with the yoga practice.

Subjects covered will be an experiential understanding of the bio-mechanics
of all the major joint complexes of the body and how to develop a daily
joint mobility routine that will not only directly translate to your asana
practice, but it will enhance and transform your practice and your life.

We will look at the differences between passive and active flexibility and
learn how to move actively and build more end-range control in common yoga
postures. This knowledge is one of the keys for longevity and injury
prevention, and for the development of true strength and mobility.

There will be partner work, locomotion and capoeira inspired movement games
that are not only fun and great learning tools – but they fit perfectly
with the asana practice.

Workshop 1 – Focus: hips and arm balances.

Workshop 2 – Focus: backbends

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